Today is a beautiful sunny day with a wonderful breeze coming from the ocean. Lately it has been raining quite a lot. And when it rains it pours. Yesterday we were out when the rains came. Our roof in the house we are renting needs to be completely replaced. The owner says they will replace it as it has sooooo many leaks. We came home to a mini flood in the living room and the furniture got a bath!

    Last week Cheri and I took a walk on the beach and some men were fishing with a net about 200 feet long. They took it out into the surf maybe 150 feet from shore then down the beach.  Then they struggled with the net pulling it in against the waves and undertow. When they finally got it to shore, after about 30 minutes, their prize was about 20 small fish the biggest being around 6 inches. But they were very happy with their catch which will probably sell for around $10 dollars. Many people here work very hard for a small amount of pay.

    We took a few days and visited with our friends Patsy and Allan of APF Ministries in Tema.  It was a very nice break to be able to visit with friends. It is a long journey to get there and back but well worth it! Thanks for the hospitality Patsy and Allan!

    When we applied for our NGO ( Non‐profit status ) it was denied. We were told by a friend to go and see the District Council Executive (DCE) about the situation we were in.  We were told to reapply directly to his office. We are very hopeful we will receive our NGO letter soon.

    Since we started the food ministry here, we have served over 1700 meals. Sometimes when there is extra food we give out second meals to whoever is waiting around. Last week we had over 150 people served even thought there was a storm and it poured very hard before and after.

    At our weekly bible study we have been continuing to watch some videos by Todd White and Graham Cooke. It is awesome to see their hearts open more and more as they receive the fullness of what Jesus has for them.

    The classes that we hold on Saturdays for English reading comprehension have to be reevaluated. We realize now that even the students of the 5th and 6th grades do not have the proper foundation to build on. Many of them do not even know what a vowel is. We have spent the last 2 weeks going over long and short vowels. It makes it very difficult as we only meet once a week for 2 hours.

    Our school project is moving along. The surveyor is in the final stages of completion. When we get the site survey then we need to give it to the architect to put the school on the plan.  Then it is on to the District engineer for approval.

    Larry had a dental bridge that came loose. So we had to try to find a dentist here in Ghana.  We found one in Takoradi that went to school at Howard University in Washington DC. He had to rebuild the foundation of one tooth as it had cracked. It took the Dr. two hours to complete the procedure. During the procedure the lights went out and we had to wait for the generator to be started. But that’s Ghana!

    We are still praying to get a vehicle. Please prayerfully consider helping us to get a vehicle here. All donations are tax deductible.

Please send all donations to:

His Love Endures Ministry
P.O. Box 935
California, MD 20619

Thank you all and God bless!