The weather is now beginning to transition from the dry season to the rainy season. When it rains it pours no pun intended. This time of year in the Western Region temperature and humidity begin to rise.

    At our weekly bible study we have been talking about baptism. There are six young adults that come regularly and only one has been baptized. Last night at the bible study, the five who haven’t all made a commitment to be baptized. We set the date for March 13th. Oh, what an exciting time, this is going to be great! We will be performing the baptisms in the ocean right down the street from where we live. Afterwards, we will be having a celebration dinner at our house!

    The reading classes at the library, with the Bridge Builders Club, is going well. We had room for 60 children and around 150 showed up to register. Yesterday was the 3rd class out of an 8 week session. The young adults in the Bridge Builders Club have a great vision for the community. It has been a great opportunity to assist them with their vision.

    Our school project is continuing along. The survey has been completed and is now in the title search phase. We had a small problem with getting our NGO status.  We know that God is in charge of the procedure and His timing will prevail.

    Our friend Diane Snyder, came from the U.S. with a few others last weekend. Our friends, Patsy and Allan from Tema, brought them out to our region to pass out supplies and clothes to a few local schools. We had the privilege of going along with them. We were able to minister to some of the children and teachers. We had an awesome time! We were also blessed that Diane brought us some supplies that was sorely needed.

    One day while we were planting some grass at our house, there was a commotion.  Someone yelled that there was a crowd chasing a thief. What happened next was very shocking to us. They caught the thief and the crowd of 15 ‐20 men began to beat him. They were using shovels, rocks and fists. We immediately began to pray and Larry went into the crowd to intervene on the mans behalf. They were trying to take him to the police station about 2 miles
from here. But the man was resisting. More than once Larry stopped them from hitting the man in the head with cement blocks and other objects. They thought that he should die for being a thief. Cheri then offered some rope so that they could tie his hands and feet and put him in a vehicle to take him to the police. This probably saved his life as many in the crowd wanted to continue to beat him. The people here feel that they won’t get any justice from the police. So they take matters into their own hands. We had a chance to witness to a few of the men in the crowd and we know that God worked through us to help save that young man. We also got to talk to the people planting our grass about the benefits of praying in tongues during situations like this.

    Cheri and I believe the Lord has put upon our hearts to start a food ministry here. Beginning March 17th we will serve food at the library in Esiama every Thursday evening. The meal will consist of rice, beans and bread. A woman who is a local caterer and her sister have volunteered to cook and help serve the meal. The Bridge Builders Club is coming along side to help with this effort. We will be training them to evangelize to the people who will be waiting in line for food. We expect to be feeding between 150 – 200 people per week. We believe that the Lord will direct us to other towns in addition to Esiama. We are looking for donations to support this project. The cost will be approximately $300 USD per month. Please prayerfully consider donating to this project. We are looking for 30 people to pledge $10 per month for 6 months. Please notate on your check “Food Ministry”.

    Cheri and have been taking taxis everywhere. We need to walk about almost a mile to the main road for a taxi. Getting a taxi at night is very difficult. Any times we need to wait for 15‐20 minutes for a taxi as many are full. With the rainy season coming soon, it will hamper our travels for ministry. We would like to purchase a car here for the ministry. The cost for used cars here is high, around 4000 – 5000 USD. Please prayerfully consider helping us to get a vehicle here.

Please send all donations to:

His Love Endures Ministry
P.O. Box 935
California, MD 20619

Thank you all and God bless!