We are now into July and close to the end of the rainy season. Our roof has not leaked during any of the latest rains. What a relief. Now that the rain is starting to leave us, the heat and humidity seems to be picking up.

  Cheri and I really enjoy walking around Esiama talking with people and asking if they need prayer.  Most people are very receptive to prayer. We have had the Lord touch people and immediately heal them on the spot. Just lately we prayed for a woman who was limping because she spilled hot oil on her leg over two months ago. She said it has caused her pain for a long time. We prayed and asked Jesus top heal her. After prayer she said she didn’t feel any more pain. As confirmation, her son told us a few days later that his Mom’s leg had been healed. Another girl had a wrap around her knee. She said she twisted it and couldn’t move it because of the pain. We prayed and the Lord did His thing. She removed the wrap and was exclaiming that there was no more pain while she was bending it! God is so faithful when we step out in His name.

  We have now reconsidered where we will be building the school. Since the other chief will not even answer the phone or speak about our project, we have withdrawn from our agreement with him. The new location will be in a small town called Teleku Bokazo.  It is about 15 minutes from here and the land is untouched.  We will have it surveyed starting next week.  Then
we will meet with the elders of the community and God willing we will receive a lease for at least 25 years. The chief here is more receptive and much friendlier than the last one.

  The food ministry is going along real well. We used to have leftover food and the children would line up for seconds. The last couple of weeks, we had just enough food to feed everyone. We pray that God will continue to increase the amount of food we give out. We are now averaging over 220
meals per week. Up to this point we have served over 3400 meals. We are also looking into buying bulk clothing for children. They sell them by the bale here for about $ 350.00. There are many children who come on Thursday night for food that only have torn dirty clothes or just torn underwear. So the food ministry will be expending in the next couple of weeks to add clothing give away.