We are now in the month of January. How time flies by. We have been here in Ghana for two months now. We spent the New Year holiday with friends in Tema (near Accra). They are missionaries from Texas that have been here for over 20 years. We were blessed to be able to stay a few days with them and have some amazing fellowship.

We are still working on getting the land survey completed. We are hoping to have it soon so that we may take our plans to be approved by the district committee. Sometimes patience is a learned practice.

We also went to apply for a resident permit so that we will not have to have our passport stamped every 60 days. Unfortunately, we did not get it completed as the information we received when we called immigration, was not what was needed. Our prayers are that we would get straight answers that we can follow. It seems that it depends on who you talk to as to what the rules are. Some are more lenient than others.

We still have a problem with our well getting clean water out of it. The landlord does not have the money to drill a new bore hole. A new bore hole is close to $1,000.00 USD The original well was hand dug and the dirt sides are falling in to make the water muddy. We are using a small filter that I have to clean and replace daily so the water is clean enough to use. We are not looking to get drinking water, just clean enough to take showers, do laundry and dishes.

    We were part of an evangelistic crusade in a small town about 5 miles from here. It was for 3 nights. Cheri preached on the 2nd night and myself on the 3rd night. We reached out to the
community (which is small, around 500 – 1000 people). The theme was “Jesus is calling”. We had an awesome time in the Lord worshiping and sharing the word. Every night we laid hands
on and prayed for the people and the children. There were some that gave their lives to the Lord!

    We met yesterday with a couple from Germany that manage a local resort in Ankobra beach about 15 miles from where we live. They are also starting a small Montessori school on the grounds of the resort, but are having some difficulty getting people to send their children because there is no caning allowed. They employ around 50 people at the resort. All the people who work there
are fed meals every day. They have a small nursery for plants and gardens for vegetables. I did not realize how much they are investing into the community here. It is awesome what they are
doing. They have also started a bamboo charcoal business. The bamboo when turned to charcoal actually burns longer than tree charcoal. And bamboo is all over the place here and it grows very quickly. Not having to cut more trees down would be great! There are very few trees left here near the shore as they have been all cut down long ago and never replanted.

    There are a few things that we would like prayer for.

1.    Our well would be repaired, or a new one dug.
2.    The survey of our land would be completed and our plans approved.
3.    That our visa resident permit would be approved and the Lord would send someone to help us navigate all the red tape.

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Thank you all and God bless!
Pastors Larry and Cheri Taylor