Welcome to February. The weather is a bit on the cool side. We see people wearing sweaters and jackets around town. The temperature has not gone below 70 degrees at night and during the day it is usually around 80 – 85. The humidity this time of year is usually pretty low. So it is quite comfortable for us, especially at night.

    Our new bore hole (well) has been completed. We now have CLEAN water. It is not drinkable, as most people do not drink well water. The water is clean now so we can take showers and wash clothes without our clothes becoming discolored from dirty water. The old well has been sealed up with cement as it was beginning to smell bad. Thank you to a couple of friends that helped with the expenses for the new well.

    We renewed our visas last month. Our visas are now good until April. Hopefully in April we will have our NGO paperwork completed. We are applying for national NGO status. This will allow us to operate anywhere within Ghana. After being approved by the local Social Welfare office, then it is on to the Regional office for approval, then on to the national office for the final approval.

    The survey for the land has not yet been fully completed. The physical part has been done and we are waiting for the paperwork. It is all in God’s timing when it will be completed.

    While we were praying last month, Cheri and I felt that we should start a young adult bible study. Soon after that a young man who attended a bible study we had when we were here in 2010, asked us to hold one again. We are studying the Book of Romans. Each week they have to read a chapter, and then write out questions they have so that we can discuss it the next week. We meet every Thursday at 1PM. It really is an awesome time!

    We are getting involved with some of the young adults who meet at the local library. The library had been closed since 2011. They have cleaned the library and restored order to all the books. They started a group called the “Bridge Builders Club”. The purpose of the club is to encourage the importance of education to primary school students. They will be providing free classes to the local children. Cheri will be helping with reading comprehension classes and I will help with mathematics in the future.

    We visited a school for disabled teenagers. They have classes in electronics, wood working, leather making, jewelry, sewing, tie dying fabrics (batik), and hairdressers. We have a friend from the U.S. that will be bringing some supplies for the school. She asked us to visit and find out the needs of the school. We had an opportunity to meet the founder of the school. We also had the chance to pray for a disabled man that is an advisor to the school.

    Yesterday we visited a friend at his new business. There were four young men at the office. One of them is a young Muslim man. Three of them were joking about how the Muslim was straddling the line between Islam and Christianity. We all had a laugh at that. We had a wonderful conversation with him about Jesus and how he is the Son of God and is God. He allowed us to pray in the name of Jesus for his drug addicted friend. It was a great visit and we are looking forward to future conversations with him.

    We were having issues with our car where it was being stored. The tires were slowly going flat because the car is not being used. A friend has offered to fix the flats and store our car at his car dealership until we return in September. This was an answer to prayer and we are very grateful.

    If you know of anyone who would like to be added to our newsletter, please send us an e-mail with the address.

    We appreciate all of you that support us both financially and in prayer.  If the Lord puts it on your heart to financially support us, please send a check (fully tax deductible) to:

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Thank you all and God bless!