We are now officially in the rainy season. When it rains it pours, and I do mean pour! The 1st big rain of the season revealed we had a few leaks in our bedroom, living room and one of the spare rooms. One of the ceiling fans in our living room got shorted out from the leaks. Our landlord brought a man over to fix the roof. He walked all over the roof and patched where he thought the leaks were. He told us he guaranteed there would be no more leaks. Well, three days later it rained very hard and the only room that didn’t have a leak was our bedroom. We had buckets everywhere! The roof is made out of cheap metal. It is only 5 years old and is rusting through in many places. The landlord is going to replace the roof with slate, they say it is quarry dust compressed into sheets. Being so close to the ocean, the roofs rust too easy.  Hopefully it will be completed within a week or so.

    At our weekly bible study we have been talking about our identity in Christ. They are really starting to understand how much God loves them and are searching for His plans for them! We have watched a few videos from Graham Cooke that they really liked. The discussions after the videos have become very deep indeed.

    The first set of reading classes at the library, with the young adults of the Bridge Builders Club, is completed. Next week there will be a small celebration for the kids and the parents have been invited also. The children will be putting on a small play for everyone. We are excited about how much the children benefitted from the 8 week class. It seemed it was over as soon as we started. We are having a great time on Saturdays!

    Our school project is moving along slowly. Last week we were praying about the land as to whether we should seek for a different place as it is taking so long. We met a man from Zoom Lion, the trash removal company and I asked them what they did with the rubbish. He said they were on land near Ampain, but the Chief made them move because he was going to give the land away. They have to reclaim the land and replant trees. Then we talked with the surveyor and he told us he will be going to the regional office to check on the survey this coming week.  God is faithful, even though we don’t see things happening, He is still moving on our behalf!

    Also our NGO status application has moved from the District to the Regional office. We will visit the regional office this week when we go to renew our visas. We are praying for a 5 month extension of our visas so we won’t have to go back again until after we return to the U.S. in September.

    The food ministry is taking off! We have had 4 weeks of feeding people here in Esiama.  Every week the count of meals is going higher! We get to pray for people, share Jesus and just love on the children! We prayed for an elderly lady who had this huge lump in her throat. The next week she came back and it was half the size. The next week it was smaller still. She said it will be healed and she will continue to come every week for prayer. We have served over 800 meals, and when there is extra they get to have seconds. The children who stay around until the end, eagerly get back in line! It is awesome to see the Bridge Builders Club interact and love on the children. There is growth everywhere!

    We are still praying to get a vehicle. It is very difficult to get a taxi after dark. With the rainy season here, it will hamper our travels for ministry. Please prayerfully consider helping us to get a vehicle here. All donations are tax deductible.

Please send all donations to:

His Love Endures Ministry
P.O. Box 935
California, MD 20619

Thank you all and God bless!