The first floor will contain the classrooms from Kindergarten through 6th Grade.  There will be a school store where children will be able to buy supplies (pens, pencils, notebooks, and uniforms)  at cost.  A Supervisors office, Headmasters office, Secretary office and Teachers Work Center are included.  All offices will be equipped with computers.  The secretary office will have the networked printer/copier.  The Teachers Work Center will have at least 2 computers for the teachers to develop the course materials for the classes.  There will be student male and female bathrooms.  The teachers will also have private bathrooms.  The All Purpose Room will be used for lunch, assemblies, worship and other meetings.  The covered patios will have picnic tables for the children to use.  The kitchen will be used for cooking healthy lunches and snacks for the children.  All the classrooms will be equipped with lighting, ceiling fans and jalousie windows.


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