While we were in Ghana on  a mission trip, the Lord gave us a vision to build a school for the children there.

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These are the plans for our school campus.  The school building will be two stories to accommodate kindergarten through grade 9. 


There will be a junior size grass football field, a volleyball court and a playground.  We will also have a teachers housing campus.



The first floor will have classrooms from kindergarten through grade 6.  There will be a school store where children will be able to buy supplies (pens, pencils, notebooks, and uniforms) all at cost.  There will be a supervisors office, headmasters office, secretary office and teachers work center.  All offices will be equipped with computers.  The secretary office will have the networked printer/copier.  The teachers work center will have at least 2 computers  for the teachers to develop the course materials needed for the classes.  There will be student male and female bathrooms and separate teacher bathrooms.  The full service kitchen will be used for lunches, snacks and special events for the community.  The all purpose room will be used for lunches, assemblies, worship services and other community functions.  The patios will have picnic tables.  All the rooms will be equipped with lighting, ceiling fans and jalousie windows.




The second floor will have Junior High School grades 7 through 9.  It will also have a library that will allow the children to expand their minds.  The computer lab will be on this floor with thirty computers loaded with software.  The Basic Design and Technology room will have sewing machines, stoves and drafting tables to enable them to have hands on trainig.  This floor will  also have both teacher and student male/female  bathrooms.  Both floors will have plenty of storage space.


Slide13 Because there is a shortage of affordable housing, we will have a teachers housing campus.  There will be 7 one bedroom and 6 two bedroom apartments.  Each apartment will have ceiling fans and lights in every room.  The living room will have a couch, chair and a coffee table.  The bedrooms will be outfitted with a full size bed and dresser, and a night table.  There will be flushing toilets, sinks and showers in each apartment.  The common kitchen area will have two stoves, a refrigerator and tables.  The outside courtyard will have  picnic tables.  The laundry area will have wash tables with clotheslines.



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